Niel Gow Festival Tunebook

Celebrating 18 years of the festival, we are delighted to announce the launch of our Niel Gow Festival Tunebook filled with music and stories about Niel, his music, his family, the festival, and this beautiful part of Highland Perthshire.
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What you need to know

If you’d like to help us with the project then we would welcome musical contributions that we may include in the book, with a few small conditions:

• Tune titles should represent a connection to Niel Gow, his family, the festival or the Dunkeld area.
• Styles may include Jigs/Reels/Strathspeys/Marches and of course Airs.
• By submitting a piece you are allowing us permission to freely use that piece in the new book.
• In the event of there being too many submissions then we reserve the right to select those for inclusion.

With luck and with your help we can create a lasting and fitting legacy of the festival that accompanies the fine statue already erected in the village. Music can be submitted in any format - pdf, Sibelius or Finale, with or without chords and emailed to us at:

If you wish to send hardcopies then please contact us for mailing addresses. Please ensure you include your name and contact details along with any text that helps explain your composition choice.

This project would not have been possible without the award of funding from SSE Renewables Griffin and Calliacher Community Fund.